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[ULUS-10292] Mah Goodies

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1 [ULUS-10292] Mah Goodies on Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:29 am

ok, well this is what I have come up with, its not much but here it is:

#NightFury mode
0x007DED94 0x6FFFFFFF
0x0031bba4 0x00000000

This code enables you to be veiled by skill, just like the title of the code (if you have seen the movie). In other words you can never be seen or locked on so to speak. Here is how to use it:

1. Turn on stealth
2. Turn on code
3. DON'T FIRE WEAPONS, Use up all stealth
4. Once all stealth is gone, KICK ASS


#Noob owning Fusion Cutter
0x007f29d0 0x7F800000
0x007f29c4 0x7F800000
0x007f29ac 0x7F800000
0x007f2994 0x7F800000
0x007E3F98 0x00000020
0x007f29ac 0x7F800000
0x007f2994 0x7F800000
0x007f2988 0x7F800000
0x007f267c 0x7F800000
0x007f2970 0x7F800000
0x007f9234 0x7F800000
0x007f2928 0x7F800000
0x007f2910 0x7F800000
0x007f2904 0x7F800000
0x007f28ec 0x7F800000

To use this code so the fallowing things:

1. Get a fusion cutter
2. Set cheat Hz to 15/1000 BEFORE TURNING ON CODE
3. Turn on code
4. Its kinda random but it progresses throughout the game

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2 Re: [ULUS-10292] Mah Goodies on Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:57 pm


So, wait for stealth to run out, then start firing away? if this works online I will be using this F.O.R.E.V.E.R!

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3 Re: [ULUS-10292] Mah Goodies on Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:51 pm

yep, turn on stealth, turn on code, wait until all stealth is gone, then have fun!

Yes it works online =]

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