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[ULUS-10292]SWRS Modded 6 Mark Tele

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1 [ULUS-10292]SWRS Modded 6 Mark Tele on Mon May 24, 2010 5:43 pm

Hold L or R and press Right or Down on your D-pad, for the maps with 6 command posts, just simply hit the note button to reach your other destinations.

#!!6 Mark Teleportation
;All Credits to AIDS
0x000AFEE0 0x0E2D4000
0x00350000 0x3C0808B3
0x00350004 0x8D09884C
0x00350008 0x8D0A8850
0x0035000C 0x8D0B8854
0x00350010 0x8D0CBED0
0x00350014 0x3C0D00FF
0x00350018 0x3C0EFF00
0x0035001C 0x3C0F0000
0x00350020 0x25EF00FF
0x00350024 0x3C180001
0x00350028 0x2718FF00
0x0035002C 0x15380029
0x00350030 0x00000000
0x00350034 0x15580009
0x00350038 0x00000000
0x0035003C 0x8D8F00D0
0x00350040 0x8D9800D4
0x00350044 0x8D9900D8
0x00350048 0xAD0F8000
0x0035004C 0xAD188004
0x00350050 0xAD198008
0x00350054 0x10000049
0x00350058 0x00000000
0x0035005C 0x154D0009
0x00350060 0x00000000
0x00350064 0x8D0F8000
0x00350068 0x8D188004
0x0035006C 0x8D198008
0x00350070 0xAD8F00D0
0x00350074 0xAD9800D4
0x00350078 0xAD9900D8
0x0035007C 0x1000003F
0x00350080 0x00000000
0x00350084 0x154E0009
0x00350088 0x00000000
0x0035008C 0x8D8F00D0
0x00350090 0x8D9800D4
0x00350094 0x8D9900D8
0x00350098 0xAD0F8010
0x0035009C 0xAD188014
0x003500A0 0xAD198018
0x003500A4 0x10000035
0x003500A8 0x00000000
0x003500AC 0x156F0033
0x003500B0 0x00000000
0x003500B4 0x8D0F8010
0x003500B8 0x8D188014
0x003500BC 0x8D198018
0x003500C0 0xAD8F00D0
0x003500C4 0xAD9800D4
0x003500C8 0xAD9900D8
0x003500CC 0x1000002B
0x003500D0 0x00000000
0x003500D4 0x152D0029
0x003500D8 0x00000000
0x003500DC 0x15580009
0x003500E0 0x00000000
0x003500E4 0x8D8F00D0
0x003500E8 0x8D9800D4
0x003500EC 0x8D9900D8
0x003500F0 0xAD0F8020
0x003500F4 0xAD188024
0x003500F8 0xAD198028
0x003500FC 0x1000001F
0x00350100 0x00000000
0x00350104 0x154D0009
0x00350108 0x00000000
0x0035010C 0x8D0F8020
0x00350110 0x8D188024
0x00350114 0x8D198028
0x00350118 0xAD8F00D0
0x0035011C 0xAD9800D4
0x00350120 0xAD9900D8
0x00350124 0x10000015
0x00350128 0x00000000
0x0035012C 0x154E0009
0x00350130 0x00000000
0x00350134 0x8D8F00D0
0x00350138 0x8D9800D4
0x0035013C 0x8D9900D8
0x00350140 0xAD0F8030
0x00350144 0xAD188034
0x00350148 0xAD198038
0x0035014C 0x1000000B
0x00350150 0x00000000
0x00350154 0x156F0009
0x00350158 0x00000000
0x0035015C 0x8D0F8030
0x00350160 0x8D188034
0x00350164 0x8D198038
0x00350168 0xAD8F00D0
0x0035016C 0xAD9800D4
0x00350170 0xAD9900D8
0x00350174 0x10000001
0x00350178 0x00000000
0x0035017C 0x03E00008
0x00350180 0x0E22BFBC

#!!Teleportation Flash (leave on in always mode)
0x00199588 0x0E2D4140
0x00350500 0x3C0808B3
0x00350504 0x8D09884C
0x00350508 0x3C0A0100
0x0035050C 0x254AFF00
0x00350510 0x152A0006
0x00350514 0x00000000
0x00350518 0x3C0B08AF
0x0035051C 0x3C0C4080
0x00350520 0xAD6CB5D4
0x00350524 0x112A0009
0x00350528 0x00000000
0x0035052C 0x3C0F08AF
0x00350530 0x8DEFB5D4
0x00350534 0x3C184080
0x00350538 0x170F0004
0x0035053C 0x00000000
0x00350540 0x3C0D08AF
0x00350544 0x3C0E3F80
0x00350548 0xADAEB5D4
0x0035054C 0x03E00008
0x00350550 0x0E2A2130

0x00328000 0xC06FDECD
0x00328004 0x406F854A
0x00328008 0x4186224C
0x00328010 0xC2F55682
0x00328014 0x40500AA9
0x00328018 0xC1782159
0x00328020 0x42ECE000
0x00328024 0x4055616E
0x00328028 0x432BB000
0x00328030 0xC193601E
0x00328034 0x40561002
0x00328038 0x42B97928

0x00328000 0x43183148
0x00328004 0x3F0930E8
0x00328008 0x42CE195B
0x00328010 0xC15E530E
0x00328014 0x40215E64
0x00328018 0x4329D045
0x00328020 0xC2D8E6E4
0x00328024 0x3FB3DAFB
0x00328028 0x4204A5F0
0x00328030 0xC30D4041
0x00328034 0x400FEB8B
0x00328038 0xC201A168
0x00328040 0xC37F077E
0x00328044 0x40505A04
0x00328048 0xC2AA4EB3

0x00328000 0x43405300
0x00328004 0xC07AAA40
0x00328008 0x3F2916F1
0x00328010 0x433EC905
0x00328014 0xC0305EE3
0x00328018 0x43040132
0x00328020 0x430716F9
0x00328024 0xC164939B
0x00328028 0x42419779
0x00328030 0x4108C899
0x00328034 0xC049D248
0x00328038 0x42ECA678

0x00328000 0xC2C322B5
0x00328004 0xC01004B7
0x00328008 0x4390B89F
0x00328010 0xC213E053
0x00328014 0xC021B1D6
0x00328018 0x4344CA19
0x00328020 0xC3408A98
0x00328024 0xC0246004
0x00328028 0x43B68220
0x00328030 0xC2258053
0x00328034 0xC0E3E375
0x00328038 0x43B68220

0x00328000 0x400D69B2
0x00328004 0x3FACCCFA
0x00328008 0x3F03E16E
0x00328010 0x41431482
0x00328014 0xC1BA1D05
0x00328018 0xC30701A5
0x00328020 0xC2E6445A
0x00328024 0xBFB1231A
0x00328028 0x4301197C
0x00328030 0x42CA9968
0x00328034 0x40861551
0x00328038 0x42A69F89

0x00328000 0x427EE846
0x00328004 0xBF125454
0x00328008 0xC30127EC
0x00328010 0x427C5F22
0x00328014 0xBF0E4F30
0x00328018 0xC12C1A27
0x00328020 0xC1E84797
0x00328024 0xC0DB3122
0x00328028 0xC20BE4F1
0x00328030 0xC2605570
0x00328034 0xC0138598
0x00328038 0x42733FD0

0x00328000 0xC2E549BA
0x00328004 0x4197EBC8
0x00328008 0x41B81F01
0x00328010 0xC2E4DB51
0x00328014 0x41981520
0x00328018 0xC206FB0F
0x00328020 0xC2AABC86
0x00328024 0x4177326C
0x00328028 0xC2EC92E9
0x00328030 0xC28C9137
0x00328034 0x4182E42C
0x00328038 0xC250DC14

0x00328000 0x4197E2F2
0x00328004 0x41CD6D3D
0x00328008 0xC13395A5
0x00328010 0xC172B0C9
0x00328014 0x419B0425
0x00328018 0x41745D7B

0x00328000 0x40ADAADD
0x00328004 0x40A277DB
0x00328008 0xC2ADC1AE
0x00328010 0x409BCD35
0x00328014 0x409BCD35
0x00328018 0x41C85B9E
0x00328020 0xC239B661
0x00328024 0x40A58B91
0x00328028 0x4302628D
0x00328030 0xC2A33A4A
0x00328034 0x40A2FB58
0x00328038 0x434F5F3D

0x00328000 0x410E887C
0x00328004 0x407260E1
0x00328008 0x42C0E5CD
0x00328010 0xC2CEFDFC
0x00328014 0x407260DB
0x00328018 0x4313E29A
0x00328020 0xC2E74488
0x00328024 0x4072A022
0x00328028 0x42009077
0x00328030 0x400974D4
0x00328034 0x3F636BCF
0x00328038 0xC2012C90

0x00328000 0x40837175
0x00328004 0x4109865E
0x00328008 0xC21F018E
0x00328010 0x41F991F4
0x00328014 0x40E2D8C4
0x00328018 0xC2F02439
0x00328020 0x41E31C98
0x00328024 0x4110321E
0x00328028 0x41D82761
0x00328030 0xC2A2C970
0x00328034 0x40F0093C
0x00328038 0x41D7EF34

0x00328000 0xC185412F
0x00328004 0x402C9EFB
0x00328008 0x42D460AD

0x00328000 0x43857AE7
0x00328004 0x417D7B57
0x00328008 0xC15DDEF8
0x00328010 0x431B4FC8
0x00328014 0x413D7E30
0x00328018 0xC192C184
0x00328020 0x42B3CEB9
0x00328024 0x40766AED
0x00328028 0xC261B0A2
0x00328030 0x40C118F8
0x00328034 0xC01ABA93
0x00328038 0x431465AD
0x00328040 0xC32C7D8B
0x00328044 0xC021CF9C
0x00328048 0x43468801
0x00328050 0xC2A41EA8
0x00328054 0x412E4D83
0x00328058 0xC278B1EA

0x00328000 0xC29E5F91
0x00328004 0x40806F07
0x00328008 0x41A7E66E
0x00328010 0x40A7F850
0x00328014 0x405D6C2B
0x00328018 0x418D7571
0x00328020 0xC215C2C9
0x00328024 0x404FB640
0x00328028 0x427B79ED
0x00328030 0xC20E33F0
0x00328034 0x40EF0CD4
0x00328038 0x4308B125

0x00328000 0x4247091A
0x00328004 0x3FB33B25
0x00328008 0x4346F281
0x00328010 0xC21E0F66
0x00328014 0x3F333AE7
0x00328018 0x4275ED23
0x00328020 0x42AE9C2F
0x00328024 0xBF5041FD
0x00328028 0x42BB6E73
0x00328030 0x43384516
0x00328034 0x415097AC
0x00328038 0x438C8D70

0x00328000 0x424B96C4
0x00328004 0x4145D52A
0x00328008 0x43AC7510

0x00328000 0x4292668A
0x00328004 0x4181255D
0x00328008 0x3F53AFFA
0x00328010 0x421BAF1F
0x00328014 0x41851C5C
0x00328018 0xC2D13F0D
0x00328020 0xC22DBF25
0x00328024 0x417CF225
0x00328028 0xC2A1D4EC
0x00328030 0x431DDA2A
0x00328034 0x41859E0D
0x00328038 0xC235B0BE

0x00328000 0x433500FE
0x00328004 0x417D7236
0x00328008 0x426C7701

0x00328000 0x424A1764
0x00328004 0x40C89A98
0x00328008 0x425EB056
0x00328010 0xC1B8ADD8
0x00328014 0xC0A26883
0x00328018 0x434A793C
0x00328020 0xC265E054
0x00328024 0x412286A4
0x00328028 0x4291F2B8
0x00328030 0xC23029E1
0x00328034 0x41715B0A
0x00328038 0xC133ACFD

0x00328000 0xC20C1A43
0x00328004 0x41C7B3AB
0x00328008 0xC2B76DD6

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