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google earth and flying + OMG its so quiet now

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ahh notice the insane laughing has ending well i am glad your glad. i think your glad. yep i am sure. lol maybe i will find some music to put there instead. idk yet but you can still play it if you want to.

i freaking think i should tell you that if you have google earth you have a flight simulator. yes a flight sim. go and run to your computer.....wait your already there...i hope!? now open up that beast google earth. bow to your computer three times. by that time it will be loaded. then press these buttons Ctrl+Alt+P+1+A AT the same time. ha you fool. ha ha. enough of that ok just press Ctrl+Alt+A. from here you get options. we all love options right. shut up i do. you can take off from an airport or from the position. i know right your in shock.

ok i know that the airport list here fails. so i will tell you what for a limited time offer i will include yes your very own airports of your desire. i know right how nice.

Step 1. find the airport you wish to get type the name here

Step 2. each airport has a 3 letter identifier (i.e los angeles international airport is LAX) this only applies to people in the usa if there is anyone out of the usa i need your 4 letter Identifier (i.e KLAX)

Step 3. please include some nearby city in cause i can't find in the FAA records

omg look a form how easy
Airport name:
Foreign Identifier (if needed):
City (or zipcode):

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