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well i got bored so why not

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1well i got bored so why not Empty well i got bored so why not on Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:07 pm


yes folks it is time for another exciting random post. only cause idk so ya. mostly because i'm so bored i am watching the grass grow. (btw its growing great) o ya so my computer decided the week before i go to college to take a shit. so ya i let my horse eat that. lmao if only they happened i could see it now a 10 million viral video "Horse eats broken laptop" omg look i found it horse eating laptop o well i tried not my fault you thought that. ya i went there. don't look at me like that Rolling Eyes

im (oh sorry i'm) guessing that just failed. idk yet i havent previewed it yet. hey hey why are you looking at me like that. why i ask you why answer me please oh ^ i see. well soorrrrry, haven't. are you happy now. even if you are i dont care.. ya i did it again. ya im done pleasing you. sounds kinky lol. i really hope that there is no post limit because there might be after this. yep must likely. idk maybe. no not back to this i just did this in line 13. yes i count the lines. stop looking at me you freak. freak looks for creepy picture of you. hmm hmm hmm hmm it will be here soon its loading. idk why dont ask me. can you tell what this is well i need more of the line m(_ _)m well. ding ding times up. its yourself sleeping on the desk after reading this. omg look a kitty. dont look behind you look here (=^_^=) ... ya your right i dont see it either but on the other hand we have kibry.

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2well i got bored so why not Empty Re: well i got bored so why not on Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:24 pm


sorry for double post but would not let me add the rest for some reason

<(-_-<) well isnt that just nice hmmmmmmhmmmmmhmmmmmmm what you dont like it. wtf's wrong with you. hmm is it to simple hmm. i can do complex stuffs too

well i got bored so why not Superman
jimmy read me
jimmy i know like superman icons you can have this if you want, pm me and i can give the text version of it

ya well im tried of typing now so im going to stop. omg i almost forgot to show your freaky picture its in the spoiler kinda scary


well i got bored so why not Wtf_pics-fireman

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