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swes color question

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1swes color question Empty swes color question on Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:37 pm


Damn if I can remember where I got this, i was looking for a generator that would allow me to change the color of my guy...for swes. can anybody help a brother out ?

2swes color question Empty Re: swes color question on Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:20 pm


i dont think there is a color gen for swes that changes body color :O

3swes color question Empty Re: swes color question on Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:50 am


I found something. Its not mine if anybodys interested let me know ...

4swes color question Empty Re: swes color question on Fri Oct 29, 2010 11:25 pm

Jimmy 9222

Jimmy 9222
Why not post the link?


swes color question GogetaSigcopy

5swes color question Empty Re: swes color question on Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:28 am


now editible colors for you.

how it works:
0x005CCFF0 0x0000
thats for your primary colour
0x005CCFF0 0x0000
for your secondary

NOTE: secondary and primary colours are diffrent but thanks to alexkidd117(the founder of the colour codes)we found a way to convert primary into secondary

thanks to demon450 for correction:
just minus :"f" from any of the primary colours to convert a primary colour to a secondarycolour
(primary colours)
10 black
11 dark blue
12 olive green
13 dark olive green
14 light navy blue
15 normal green
16 brownish green
17 light navy blue
18 green
19 brownish green
1a rose red
1b dark green
1c light brown
1d darkish red
1e grey
1f rose purple
20 bright neon green
21 bright neon green
22 pale green
23 light blue
24 neon blue
25 bright green
26 rose red
27 sky blue
28 pale brown
29 brown-orange
2a hot pink
2b tan
2c blue-green
2d light sky blue
2e light red
2f yellow
30 shadow black
31 purple
32 purple
33 purple
34 shadow black
35 light dark purple
36 light purple
37 red-orange
38 red
39 purple
3a purple
3b light purple
3c light shade purple
3d red
3e purplish-red
3f dark purplish-red
40 blue
41 purple red
42 shadow black
43 light shade purple
44 purplish red
45 purplish red
46 light purple
47 light purple
48 light purple
49 purple
4a red
4b shadow black
4c blue
4d light purple
4e red
4f light red
50 pinkish red
51 purplish red
52 purple
53 purple
54 light shade purple
55 light shade purple
56 purple
57 light shade purple
58 light shade purple
59 purple
5a purple
5b purple
5c purple
5d purple
5e purple
5f purple
60 purple
61 purple
62 olive green
63 green
64 olive green
65 green
66 olive green
67 green
68 shadow black
69 light orange
6a very light purple
6b light green
6c light yellow
6d dark red
6e light green
6f light orange
70 dark purple
71 rose pink
72 pale green
73 light green
74 blue-purple
75 navy blue
76 light green
77 very light purple
78 bright pale blue
79 light blue
7a olive green
7b pale purple
7c shadow black
7d pale light blue
7e blue
7f pale sky blue
80 hot pink
81 brown
82 shadow black
83 sky blue
84 light blue
85 light purple
86 very light purple
87 dark purple
88 light brown
89 light brown
8a shadow black
8b purple
8c green
8d gold yellow
8e purple
8f green
90 shadow black
91 red-purple
92 red-purple
93 red-purple
94 shadow black
95 light purple
96 purple
97 purple
98 shadow black
99 blue-purple
9a purple
9b purple
9c shadow black
9d sky blue
9e shadow black
9f shadow black
a0 red
a1 red
a2 rose red
a3 purple red
a4 purple red
a5 purple red
a6 purple
a7 purple
a8 light purple
a9 purple
aa purple
ab purple
ac dark purple
ad dark purple
ae dark purple
af dark purple
b0 purple
b1 dark purple
b2 purple
b3 dark purple
b4 dark purple
b5 dark purple
b6 purple
b7 dark purple
b8 dark pruple
b9 dark purple
ba purple
bb purple
bc blue
bd tan
be olive green
bf pale green
c0 blue green
c1 gray
c2 gray
c3 blue
c4 dark purple
c5 gray
c6 blue
c7 olive green
c8 red
c9 purple
ca olive green
cb dark purple
cc brown-gray
cd shadow black
ce brown-gray
cf olive green
d0 olive green
d1 gray
d2 turd green xD
d3 grayish
d4 green-blue
d5 light red-gray
d6 pale green-blue
d7 dark purple
d8 light purple-gray
d9 light purple-gray
da light green
db pale green
dc blue
dd gray
de gray
df pale green
e0 gray
e1 blue
e2 purple
e3 gray
e4 blue
e5 dark purple
e6 pale light green
e7 gray
e8 gray
e9 blue
ea purple
eb purple
ec purple
ed purple
ee purple
ef dark purple
f0 purple
f1 purple
f2 purple
f3 purple
f4 purple
f5 purple
f6 purple
f7 purple
f8 purple
f9 purple
fa purple
fb blue
fc brownish
fd olive green
fe olive green
ff grayish

6swes color question Empty Re: swes color question on Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:59 am

Jimmy 9222

Jimmy 9222
I could have sworn that you don't want just 16-bit values but rather 32-bit values and 0xFF000000 would be the base as the first to digits should be displaced. Now you can just use a color guide online or something.

Hex Color Generator.

Should be able to just select the colors you want and paste those six digits into the remaining 0's.

Example: Pink.
Value = 0xFFFF99CC

Haven't tested this so someone give it ago.


swes color question GogetaSigcopy

7swes color question Empty Re: swes color question on Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:48 am


It does work i havemade my guy blood red for some time

If my memory servers me right :

Value = 0x0000002A hot pink

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