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Runescape Private Servers

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1 Runescape Private Servers on Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:14 am

Aight let's get started. I in no way want to really make a private server. It costs money to uphold a powerful server, you have to maintain an economy, prevent people from abusing the game(prevented with proper coding). Really I don't have the time to waste on making one either. By all means if you want to make a server for fun so you can obtain knowledge, go for it; but remember unless you got money for a powerful server, don't get your hopes up to much. If you got all that then your gonna also have to worry about advertising, etc...

Q. What is rs2dv?
A. It is a starter client for a private runescape server.

Q. Where do I download it?
A. Here.

Q. Why would I want this?
A. I dunno you must be crazy, to want to make a private server.

Q. Why can't I run do anything with this.
A. This is a starter client you will need to code everything you will want it to do. We use this starter because it stable, this will help make the process of making a fully operable client.

Q. I don't get it.
A. You need to know Java programming language in order to be able to do basically anything with this since this is all Java based.

Q. What if I know Java but need help getting started.
A. This is a starting client, so this is for you. Here is a link to a guide page.,449648.0.html


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