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[ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING]

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1 [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:05 pm

Bullet Values
Skreech&Jimmmy&Demon &InsaneHelped Me Find Some of These
0xD61B420B                      ---->Bowcaster (Bullet)
0xEE94E907                      ---->EBP (Bullet)
0xADD366EA-                  ------>Sniper (Bullet )
0xC7373685                    ----->Shotgun (Bullet)
0x084AFBE2                    ----->CFG (Bullet)
0xc8d346d4                    ---->Rocket (Bullet)
0x69AC7B4C                  ---->Chaingun (Bullet)
0xF9B7706B                  ---->Incenerator (Flame)
0x0017FD03                  ----->Blaster Riffle (Bullet)
0xE73C366E                  ----->Green tie fighter(Cannon)
0x4a4d1bea                    ---->RED tiefighter (cannon)
0x0806F719                    ----->Force  Push(Force)
0x0806F719                    ----->Force Pull(Force)
0x3e2c2ac5                    ------>DetPack
0x8af75923                    -----.>Orbital
0xda0cae3b                    ------>Fusion Cutter

Force Powers Misc.
#Choke Damage

#Repulse Range
0x00A41A30=Repulse Range

#Pull Rate Adress

#Push Rate Adreess

#Invisible F.Lightning
0x00A4BC54 0x00000005

Random Weapon Codes
#Rockets Dont Move
0x00A6AB88 0x00000000

#!Rockets Go Down
0x00A6AB00 0x00000006

#Explosive on EBP
0x00A654F8 0x00000003

#Arc Jump Distance
;Set To No Distance
0x00a4d204 0x00000000

#Arc Damage
;Set To No Damage
0x00a3d1f8 0x00000000

#Spread Shotgun
0x00ABBD68 0x00000003

#Shotgun Bullet Amount
;Default Amount
0x00ABBD68 0x00000004

#Shotgun Bullet Size
;Set To Small
0x00A4BD6C 0x3F800000

#Dual Ebp[Ig 88]
0x00A47100 0XEE94E907

#Dual CFG[Ig 88]
0x00A47100 0x084AFBE2

#Dual Sniper[IG 88]
;locks on
0x00A47100 0xADD366EA

#Dual Rocket [IG 88]
0x00A47100 0xc8d346d4 

#Lightspeed Right Turn
0x00413B78 0x459C4000

#Lightspeed Left Turn
0x00413B74 0x459C4000

I just changed the hex^

#No Overheat Incenerator
0x00A4B540 0x00000000

Rapid Fire Weapons All!
The code is basic just change the first hex in the code to which ever gun bullet for whichever gun you want!
Works Even For CFG!
#Rapid Fire Weapons All!
;Just Use Ig 88
0x00A41700 0xc8d346d4

I found these a couple lines from ur No overheat

#Auto Shoot Boba Riffle
;Just Shoot Once
0x00A408B4 0x7F800000

#Personal Boba Riffle
;Hex means how much bullets
0x00A408B4 0x00000009

#Dual CFG
0x005CC66C 0x116B7344
0x00A47100 0x084AFBE2
0x00A470F0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00A46258 0xC2C8EC6E

And put it in that code

puts a IG RIFFLE in primary
Bullet Swaps It to cfg
Then It changes the pic to cfg

#No Body ALL
;No Body All Maps
0x005CCFDC 0x000000D4
0x005CCFE4 0x000000D4
0x005CCFF8 0x000000D4

FORCE LIGHTNING  ------>0x00A4BC64 0x8ed97bdef
Incinerator----> 0x00A4B49C 0x5ab290C2
Explosive Blaster Pistol0x00A3AEC 0xA922C483

3D Model
The Model of the Gun In the Character's Hand When Chosen
Incinerator-0x00A4B4FC 0E490B68
Carbonite Freeze Gun-0x00A4CAFC 0xD37F57F0
Explosive Blaster Pistol-0x00A3B3A0 0xF202C32D

Special Head Mods
To Use Hero Heads They Must Correspond With Their Map(s)
To Use Space Heads,Must Be Used On Heros Map(E.g Jango-Bespin ,so Jangos Ship - Bespin)
0e3a7a63------>Jangos Ship
814613c9------>Bobas Ship
c56c8efd -----> auto turret head
40DEC808----->General Grievous
AB2B4AEA----> Ackbar
90E8E539---->Ben Kenobi
C29151FF------>Count Dooku
72AB24AC---------->recon droid
31A4AD3E----->Jango Fett
8D5B865D----->Darth Vader
0032DCA3---->Luke Skywalker
A1727B74----->Darth Maul
4CC66EF7----->Asajj Ventress
40DEC808----->General Grievous
C29151FF------>Count Dooku
295234F4---->Han Solo
9F2F8818----->Emperor Palpatine
60C89ACB----->Boba Fett

#Blaster Riffle Text
0x00A43970 0x9CDBD5D9

#Explosive Blaster Pistol Text
0x00A3B3DC 0xD65911E0

#Force Push Text
0x00A4B884 0x5CB861F1

#CFG Text
0x00A4CB44 0xCCE9317F

#Incenerator Text
0x00A4B55C 0xA71ED0B1

#Clone Commander Head
0x00A599C8 0xB8A4246D

#Arc Trooper Body Text
0x00A599BC 0xB19BF915

#Clone Commander Head
0x00A599B0 0xB8A90179


#BattleDroid Head
0x00A60310 0xD66879F7

#BattleDroid Body
0x00A6031C 0xD9F9AC87


#StormTrooper Body
0x00A613AC 0xA00FF313

#Snow Trooper Head
0x00A613B8 0xDB1DE6F2

#At&T Head
0x00A613DC 0xD2689E38

Silent Codes
#Silent Force Lightning
0x00A4BC64 0x8ed97bdeF

#Silent Incenerator
0x00A4B49C 0x59b290c2

#Silent EBP
0x00A3AEC 0xA927C483

#Silent CFG
0x00A4CAD8 0x0x6379FA0E

Jetpack Codes
#One Tap Jetpack
0x0022614c 0x0x00000000

New Updated Works

#Scatter Tri-Shot
0x00A490D0 0x42100000

#Rapid Fire Tri-Shot
0x00A490AC 0x00000013

#Speed level Choser
;Mod Last Number
;WeeD;2=Level 3
;1=Level 2
;0=Level 1
0x00A491B0 0x6C1B492

#Disable Incenerator
0x00A4B4F0 0x9F89B8A3

#Incenerator Text
0x00A4B55C 0xA71ED0B1

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2 Re: [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:11 pm

^thanks skreech for that

the hex works for the colours for bullets on swes

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3 Re: [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:34 pm

why don't you set it out as codes with your credits and stuff. non the less, great finds, keep it up.

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4 Re: [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:31 pm


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5 Re: [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:01 pm


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6 Re: [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:20 pm

Oh you have lots of goodies.


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7 Re: [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:21 pm

Added Rapid Fire

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8 Re: [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:53 pm

You're using a bullet swap to by-pass ban?


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9 Re: [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:13 pm

yup Razz try cfg in there
its still ban..if u rapid too long ..
just place the gun hex in the second line then use ig 88 gun= rapid fire!

try cfg

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10 Re: [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Fri Aug 13, 2010 1:13 pm

Weed help me find some codes. I wanna make EMP rapid, speed, and damage codes.


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11 Re: [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:11 pm

Emp -->rapid mad ..but offline
ill try damage and lightspeed
and mayb shoot thru walls

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12 Re: [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:40 am

thats me Very Happy

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13 Re: [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:55 pm

Demon450 wrote:thats me Very Happy

What's you? Lol.


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14 Re: [ULUS-10390]Weed's Works[UPDATING] on Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:14 am


Nice stuff weed, best I've seen from you anywhere. Invisible lightning should be ported to rs for those trying to freeze you, that hella nice. Smile


New sig coming soon.
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