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Jimmy's Release of Stuffz

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1 Jimmy's Release of Stuffz on Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:07 pm

Okay here we go... Map codes, these are pretty awesome.

Here we go, these two codes will let you control the game types. This will let you set up any game type you want even if it is not a default mode, including campaign, online...

You use them by going to instant action or setting up a private server, and enable them. It will change the first one only, until the next map loads. So when you change the mode you have to go through whatever the original map was firstly.

#Change Game Mode
;Jimmy 9222
0x00429200 0x00000000

#Change Game Mode - Physical
;changes in game
;Jimmy 9222
0x00429328 0x00000000

How to use, you need to change the values.

Land Maps.
0x00000000 = CQST
0x00000001 = CTF1
0x00000002 = CTF2
0x00000003 = HCTF
0x00000004 = GTAG
0x00000005 = CMPN
Above that is nothing.

Space Maps.
0x00000000 = ASLT
0x00000001 = CTF1
0x00000002 = CTF2
0x00000003 = HCTF
0x00000004 = GTAG
0x00000005 = CMPN
Above that is nothing.

Next code let's you change the game era. This one is pretty useless.

#Change Game Era
;Jimmy 9222
0x00429204 0x00000000

To use you just change the value.

0x00000000 = Clone Era
0x00000001 = Galactic Civil War Ere

This next code will change the map.
To use this code you have to just change the value to desired map.
Whatever map you select first will play first.
Using this code you can change the order of maps that will play, without having to remake a server.

#Change Map
0x004291FC 0x00000000

Here are some weapon codes...

#Chaingun No-Stall
;Removes the stall before shooting
;Jimmy 9222
0x007E2FEC 0x00000002

Color codes, all my colors are set to hot pink, to change the color just adjust the value. All them are offline only.

#OS Beam Color
;Not the explosion
;Jimmy 9222
0x007F4330 0xFFFF69B4

#Bowcaster Color
;Jimmy 9222
0x007FA024 0xFFFF69B4

#CFG Bullet Color
0x007F3E20 0xFFFF69B4

#CFG Freeze Color
0x007F3E2C 0xFFFF69B4

Bullet Swap Codes. Tipped made them first.

#Shotgun Shoot EBP Shots
;Jimmy 9222
0x007F9EA0 0xC7373685

#Bowcaster Shoot EBP Shots
;Jimmy 9222
0x007F9EA0 0xD61B420B


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