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I was originally sending this to Mr_Waffle via VM, but the 1000 character rule inspired me to post this public.

Alright, your going to be in for a lot of reading, so be prepared xD Im hoping you can determine which ones are f2p and which ones are p2p.

By the looks of your stats, you might be ready for some barrows runs (Im assuming you have completed Priest in Peril, if not go complete it, its rather short). Dharok, Verac etc. but everytime you go there and kill all 6 of them, you loot this chest and have a potential shot at scoring a barrows item, ranging anywhere from 50k to around 9m. I could probably lend you a whip whenever I see you online, but im still 1m short after buying a set of armadyl. But if you do go through with that, heres a list of recommended gear to bring. Simply click the map and search barrows for the location.

-(for melee) Full set of rune, (if you beat fremminik isles, bring a helm of neitiznot)(if fremminik trials is complete, bring a berserker helm)
-(range) I cant really say much for you at 50, but blue dhide and magic short is all i can think of until you get 61.
-(mage) if you can happen to get 55 slayer, magic dart casts will be the best to go with out of all 3 of these, the spells max hit is around 160, but it hits very often.

-(inventory) Preferrably 3-4 prayer potions, the 4 dose of course. a super set if your using melee, magic and range potions if your going to do range or mage. SPADE is a must, a varrock tele in case stuff gets ugly, then the rest of your pack should be food, monkfish recommended. I can come with you sometime if you need a hands on guide.

Slayer is also another way to make some money, the higher the level you get, the better the monster tasks are, and some generally drop items worth a ton of cash. For example if you get 83 slayer, camp spirit mages, they drop dragon boots, and you can get up to 4 or 5 drops an hour. (Thats 2m+! ) 85 Slayer could be camped at abyssal demons (which drops whips ) This is generally recommended after about level 100-110+

Fishing I see 57, which isnt bad, you can fish swordfish for some pretty decent cash, about 500gp each. When you get to 76, you can fish sharks which are around 1k each.

Woodcutting you can get up 2 more levels for Yew trees. Logs I believe are around 460gp each. You can also go for 75 for magic trees, they are very slow but pay out around 1.4k each I believe.

Mining Im not too big of a pro on, but mining iron ores and banking is some consistent and efficient cash.

Runecrafting is another one im not a big pro with either, but air runes for your level should make a small profit, and the bank is close by. So therefore you can get a run finished about every minute or so.

Farming is another great way to make cash, especially when you dont have to play. Planting herbs is the way to do it. seeing your at 26, its recommended you buy a few plant pots, fill them with dirt from any tree patch by using it with a gardening trowel, use an acorn on the filled plant pot and water it. Rake out the patch and plant the tree, and if you want to guarantee that it will grow, pay the person watching over the patch with a basket of tomatoes. You can come back 4 hours later to see that it is fully grown. If im not mistaken I planted up to 4 at one time, one in Varrock, one in Lumbridge, One in Catherby, and one in Taverley. (pull up map for exact locations) Tree planting is excellent for xp so you can plant the higher level herbs. Once you reach 32 farming, buy supercompost from the ge (100 probably) and exchange them at any leprechaun at any farming patch, along with any other farming patch, that way its always there and ready for use at any patch you go to. There are multiple locations for herbs.

-South of Falador, chicken coop.
-Just north of Ardougne.

Rake out the patch and use a supercompost on the herb patch BEFORE you plant the seed. with supercompost your patch will survive 9 out of 10 times. at 32 farming plant ranarr seeds, 36 plant spirit weed seeds, and at 38 plant toadflax seeds. Once you reach 38 you should always plant toadflax seeds, as they are the best profit of any herb, seeds are around 1k each and each herb harvested sells for around 5k each, and you generally get around 4-8 herbs per patch.

Hope this helps out. Message me if your still lost.


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