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Some of My VIP's

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1 Some of My VIP's on Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:49 am


Don't play RS anymore, most of these are already leaked, oh well. I'm not releasing everything (hence, "some"), just more of the minor one's I have, that I do not care for anymore.

#!!True Carbonite Freeze Gun Perma Freeze
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
0x007F3DF0 0x7F800000

#!![360] Force Powers
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
0x002EF98C 0x7F800000

#INF Health Killer Lightsabers
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
;Lightsaber Throw Included
0x007F42AC 0x7F800000
0x007F42A0 0x7F800000
0x007F512C 0x7F800000
0x007F5120 0x7F800000
0x007F3314 0x7F800000
0x007F3308 0x7F800000

#Normal Jedi Amimations
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
;Jedi's Move Around And Shoot Like Normal Players
;Useful When You Do Not Want To Use A Lightsaber As A Jedi
0x007FDFE0 0x000018A7
0x007FE440 0x000018A7
0x007FE8A4 0x000018A7
0x007FDA60 0x000018A7
0x007FDF50 0x000018A7
0x007FE958 0x000018A7
0x007FDAC0 0x00001337
0x007FDF80 0x000018A7
0x007FE8F8 0x000018A7
0x007FDEF0 0x000018A7
0x007FFBD4 0x000018A7
0x007FDB20 0x000018A7
0x007FEE40 0x000018A7

#!![360] Lock On
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
0x002EF0B4 0x43340000

#!!INF Lock On Range
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
0x0080825C 0x7F800000
0x008013EC 0x7F800000

#!!Instant Lock On
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
;Ninja Lock On, No One Knows You Have Locked Onto Them
;Instant Head Lock On
0x00808214 0xFFFFFFFF
0x002EE83C 0x46200000

#!!Instant Weapon Switch
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
;The Very Second You Switch Your Weapon, You Can Shoot From It
0x002EF894 0x00000000

#!!Light Speed CFG
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
0x007F3E44 0x7F800000

#!!Force of God v2
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
0x007E001C 0x459C4000
0x007E1474 0x7F800000
0x007E0BAC 0x7F800000
0x007E1784 0x459C4000
0x007E179C 0x7F800000
0x007E17FC 0x7F800000
0x007E17E4 0x459C4000

#!!Force Powers Are Primary
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
0x007DFCB4 0x00000001

#!!Double Explosive Blaster Pistol
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
;Select The EBP In Your Loadout As Normal
0x007E2AE4 0x3FF7B22B
0x007E27F0 0x00000079
0x007E983C 0xEE94E907
0x007E9848 0xFFFFFFFF
0x002DC620 0x35562BAB
0x007E9824 0x5C13D641
0x007E2AF0 0xA922C483
0x007E2ACC 0xF202C32D

#!!Double Carbonite Freeze Gun
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
;Select The CFG In Your Loadout As Usual
0x002DC5F4 0x1ADF3772
0x007E6464 0x084AFBE2
0x007E90E8 0x084AFBE2
0x007E4FB0 0x6379FA0E
0x007E4FA4 0xC2C8EC6E
0x007E4F8C 0xD73F57F0
0x007E647C 0xFFFFFFFF
0x007F3DF0 0x7F800000
0x007E3598 0x5C13D641
0x007E3568 0x00000072

#!!Rapid Fire Force Powers v2
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
0x002EE75C 0x00000000
0x007DFCA0 0x00000000

#!!Blaster Rifle Spread Shot
;Tipped OuT OriGinal
;Can Be Used With Double EBP To Obtain Spreadshot
0x007E27CC 0x00000005

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2 Re: Some of My VIP's on Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:02 pm

Nice Codes Tipped,Glad To See You HerE

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3 Re: Some of My VIP's on Sun Sep 26, 2010 1:43 pm

Wow Tipped. I was gonna ask about the 360 Lock On too. Want me to move this into the VIP area?


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